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How to choose a great heating & air conditioning company for your next project?

Your heating and air conditioning equipment is one of the most costly appliances in the home so it is important to pick the right service company for your project. While looking online or through the yellow pages you will find all kinds of companies wanting to take on your project but which one is right for you?

Through research we have found that the most important concerns and needs of a customer when choosing a contractor are...

1. Time-Will the contractor be on time and will they be able to address the issue on the first visit or within a reasonable time frame?

*Some contractors offer an on-time guarantee, this puts pressure on the contractor to fulfill their promise to maintain their guarantee.

*It is important that the contractors service vehicles are fully loaded with common repair parts to solve most issues on the first visit. If you get "Buck in a Truck" comming out then you might find that the repair can not be made on the first visit due to them not having service parts on hand.

*The skill level of the technician coming out will also determine the speed of the repair, proper diagnosis, and quality. With "Buck in a Truck" you could be calling them out several times before your issue is resolved.

2. Warranty-Will the work and materials have a warranty if something goes wrong?

*It is important to choose a reputable company over "Buck in a Truck" for many reasons but this may be one of the most important. With "Buck" you might get what is known as the "Tail Light Warranty" which means that as soon as you can no longer see Bucks tail lights driving away from your home then the warranty is over. Also Buck might be very hard to get a hold of after they have collected the payment and if you do make contact with them then they usually have every excuse in the book of why they are not at fault. A reputable company should have clearly stated craftsmanship and parts guarantees to pertect their customers, also they are easy to contact and locate if an issue arrises.

3. Price-What should I expect when it comes to the final bill?

*As you can imagine in the examples above that "Buck" might be a few dollars cheeper than a professional however as the saying goes "you can pay now or you can pay twice as much later". A reputable licensed and insured contractor offering a flat rate repair program will be able to give you the cost of the repair before the repair is complete this way their aren't any unexpected costs at the end of the project. Also in California if a contractor quotes a job then the contractor by law must stick to that price even if they underestimated it.

*Always remember that price is ussually a reflection of quality, craftsmanship, warranties, proper licensing, and customer service.

At Temp Pro located in Fresno, California we are reputable, licensed & insured, have craftsmanship and parts warranties, on time guarantees, offer Flat Rate Pricing, our trucks are fully stocked, and our technicians are highly trained. For questions or service please call 559-477-7377 559.477.7377

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